New Trend Shapewear to Consider This Season


You become a more confident woman when you get to know your body and personal style better. This is because these two possibilities allow you to choose clothes that enhance your natural qualities. 

Therefore, it is possible to smooth curves, align the posture and invest in clothing options that can be used as a main or secondary item in your daily life. You can update your closet with new trendy options, like a shapewear dress, for example, which should be part of your personal collection for endless reasons. In this article, we will understand which options are the best this season.

Shapewear dress

1. Mark-free modal dress

Modal fabric is highly elastic and stretches in all directions. This means you can contour and sculpt your shape without losing comfort. The round neck is classic, transforming it into a timeless look.

Compression is carried out through the shapewear mesh that controls the waist and reduces excess fat on the thighs and hips without showing any type of marking. You can enjoy a more symmetrical shape with shapewear free from traces of underwear, as it has been made with laser cutting in the incorporated openings.

2. Body with body refreshing effect

Hotter days call for clothes that can adjust our shapes, but also make us fresher. Therefore, the bodysuit from the popilush bluetag series with body cooling is so desired. The fabric has antibacterial technology that reduces the effects of excess sweat.

The buttery texture is even softer, without being sticky, which is why many women choose it for more comfort during long periods of work. The protective effect of the fabric blocks more than 99% of UVA/UVB rays, leaving you protected against sunburn or skin diseases.

3. Seamless sports jumpsuit

Seamless fitness clothing is on the rise because it provides greater comfort and flexibility when training. The breathable fabric puts you at ease as it wicks away any discomfort due to excessive sweating. Additionally, you can reduce muscle vibrations for greater support for your upper leg muscles. The quality of the fabric allows you to move without worrying about chafing. And the stretchy mesh adjusts your curves without squeezing.

4. Lace bodysuit enhances your femininity

You can achieve a more delicate and attractive shape with a bodysuit made with lace lining. He delivers the ideal fit for your shape with practicality. Furthermore, the lace is a sensual detail, which amplifies the slimming image and provides breathability. In the chest region, support is delivered through soft, seamless lining cups for complete coverage.

5. Maxi dress with slip shapewear

The softness of a shapewear maxi dress delivers a natural gliding effect across the curves of your body, promoting harmonization with a shapewear body built underneath the dress free from markings. Therefore, a feature that women love, as it is undetectable to the eyes of third parties. you can enjoy a flat tummy, fitted by the double layer that makes your waist look a few numbers slimmer. 

With the full body adjustment, hips, legs and thighs gain smoothness and contour. Through the BBL effect, you can leave the appearance of a flat butt in the past, as the buttocks lifting area expands the natural beauty of the glutes.

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